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Since 2012, La maison du Tui Na has been the specialist in France in massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based on an “energetic” vision of the body, Tui Na is a deep massage which acts on muscular tensions and blockages to rebalance energies, stimulate the body and increase general well-being.

Performed by precise movements on the acupuncture points and the different Meridians, this technique has proven itself. Indeed, numerous studies have noted the relevance of these maneuvers for reducing stress, joint stiffness and everyday ailments, providing deep relaxation and preserving health.

Building on its success, La maison du Tui Na decided to open its own training center in the ancestral technique of Chinese massage. Our training will allow you to offer new protocols, which you can implement, with our products, in your institutes or when traveling at home.

Rich in this ancestral know-how, you will be able to offer your clients unique treatments and a wide range of Tui Na massages.

To register for these exclusive training courses, or to obtain more information, please contact us at the following email address:

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