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The Tui Na

Ancestral Chinese massage that relieves tension and relieves everyday ailments: back pain, muscle tension, stress, insomnia....

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Discover our new facial treatment. It combines gentle gestures and the use of ridoki for rehydrated and luminous skin from the first session.


Find us in our centers.

La Maison du Tui Na has 8 centers in France: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and 1 center in Morocco.


Anthony, founder

“Happy Holidays to all,

This year again, you trusted us with your gifts. This trust honors us, and we will be there to provide the best care for your loved ones. Chinese Medicine, recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, helps relieve the body, providing deep relaxation and balance for optimal health.

Our Tui Na massage techniques, exclusively developed over 12 years, are accessible in our 8 centers in France and also in Morocco since this year.


This holiday season, enjoy the magic of Christmas and your loved ones, celebrate, have fun, and know that we will be by your side throughout 2024."



La Maison du Tui Na opened its first treatment center in 2012, and quickly became the reference in Tui Na massage in France. To date, it has 8 centers in France: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille.

Coming from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tui Na acts deeply. It provides instant well-being, which continues over the long term. Numerous clinical studies have noted the relevance of its maneuvers in reducing joint stiffness and chronic ailments, stimulating the immune system and blood circulation.

We offer our clients the best ancestral massage techniques to relieve tension and release energy: massages bringing relaxation and ultimate relaxation. Eliminate stress, fatigue and tension to find serenity and balance.

La Maison du Tui Na massages help reduce stress, muscular and nervous tension, fatigue, back pain, headaches, difficult digestion, water retention and even lack of energy.

Massage is the best prevention for a body in great shape. Chinese doctors recommend treatment every 20 days.

Renowned since 2012

Ancestral know-how

9 centers in France


Beatrice C.

Massages at La Maison du Tui Na are always a pure moment of happiness! Everything is perfect .


Tui Na with oils 55 min

Ilona C.

Excellent product, the oil smells very good and it significantly reduces cellulite and almost no more cellulite .”


Slimming box

Christiane D.

“Excellent massage, it is both healing and relaxing! I recommend without hesitation.”


Tui Na Detox 55 min

Marie Claire E.

"I use it morning and evening, I am satisfied with it. Results more radiant, less marked wrinkles."


Electric roller

Corinne A.

Subscription taken after a gift I received. Magnificent service and very effective. Visible effects immediately


Jade Power Lifting Subscription


After five Power Slimming sessions, the skin is visibly smoother and the tester lost 1.5cm in waist size

The result is worth it: the impression of a looser, more supple and lighter body .”

The electric roller stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes features and smoothes fine lines.

This ancestral technique provides instant well-being that lasts over the long term.

Massage is a tool of choice to preserve health.

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“It’s interesting to open up to this approach which releases tension and reactivates the body’s energy. The effect lasts several days and the reasonable prices allow you to go there often to feel good!”


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