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Our wellness treatments

Tui Na with oils

55 minutes, 85 euros / 1h25, 129 euros

An oil massage that works on the entire body. Several sequences to relax muscular tension, then energetic work on the acupuncture points and meridians.

Effective against : back pain, muscle tension, stress, fatigue.

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Tui Na Ritual

1h55, 210 euros

The combination of Tui Na, foot reflexology and facial massage for total letting go. The combination of different techniques increases the effect of the key points of the meridians.

Effective against : back pain, muscle tension, stress, fatigue.

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Ancestral Tui Na

1h20, 125 euros

Practiced without oil, this traditional massage works on the entire body to remove blockages in energy and blood circulation for general and lasting well-being.

Effective against : back pain, tension, sleep disorders, stress.

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Tui Na Duo

55 minutes, 170 euros / 1h25, 258 euros

Enjoy the Tui Na oil treatment performed in parallel on 2 people, in the same cabin, as a couple or with friends. An oil massage that works on the entire body. Ideal for sharing a timeless moment, with friends or family.

The price mentioned is for 2 people.

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An Shen - Emotional massage

1h20, 125 euros

An emotional, relaxing and very gentle massage aimed at harmonizing energies, eliminating tension and fighting against slumps for total letting go.

Effective against : tension, mood disorders, stress, fatigue.

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Yang Ju - Head massage

50 minutes, 85 euros

A massage focused on different acupuncture points of the upper body. It will restore energy balance and relieve tension causing headaches, sinusitis, or stiff neck for example.

Effective against : fatigue, stress, headaches, winter illnesses.

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Zu Dao - Ancestral reflexology

55 minutes, 85 euros

This ritual effectively combines the benefits of targeted plantar acupressure, a head and upper back massage, as well as a focus on the knees. Thus, ZU DAO relieves both the causes and the signs of ailments, and makes the body more resistant to future tensions.

Effective against : tension, energy blockages, loss of energy.

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Yun - For pregnant women

55min, 85 euros

For greater comfort during pregnancy, this treatment specially designed for pregnant women aims to relieve muscular tension and energy blockages to improve general well-being.

Effective against : muscle tension, heavy legs, stress, fatigue.

For pregnant women over 3 months.

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Jade Power Liftant - Natural lifting

50 minutes, 85 euros

Lift and firm your face without surgery, without invasive products or machines! This facial treatment boosts the radiance of your face, smoothes the skin and lifts the facial contours in a natural way.

Effective against : loss of firmness and radiance, wrinkles/fine lines, dark circles under the eyes.

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Ridoki Tui Na Face

50 minutes, 85 euros

This facial treatment combines gentle gestures and the use of ridoki for rehydrated and luminous skin. We recommend a course of 5 or 10 sessions for more results.

Effective against : dehydrated skin, dull complexion, tired look, tense jaw.

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Cupping Therapy

1h25, €125

Body treatment that combines the benefits of Tui Na with the ancestral Chinese cupping technique to effectively release muscular tension, reduce everyday ailments and boost the immune system.

Effective against : muscle pain and tension, seasonal infections, chronic fatigue, anxiety and stress.

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