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Zoom “Tui Na Detox - 55min” gift card

“Tui Na Detox - 55min” gift card

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Delivery within 5 working days by post.

Reception of the PDF by email within 24 working hours.

This draining treatment targets the abdomen to relieve tension, improve digestion and detoxify the body.


1 - The practitioner relieves body tension in order to free breathing and relax the abdominal muscles.

2 - This is followed by stimulation of the meridians in the abdomen (approximately 20 minutes) in order to restart blood and lymphatic circulation, improve digestion and promote the proper circulation of energy.

3 - The practitioner performs a deep massage of the upper and lower limbs to reinforce the effects on digestion and circulation.


- Drains the body and restarts blood and lymphatic circulation

- Relieves recurring abdominal pain

- Reduces the feeling of heavy legs and water retention

- Improves digestion

Please specify, at the end of your order, the city and massage center in which you want the card to be valid.

(Validity period: 1 year with a possible postponement of 3 months at a rate of €10 if the gift card is less than 6 months old. Beyond 6 months, it will be impossible to benefit from the treatment)

Payment by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

 *The gift card must be presented at the salon reception to benefit from the treatment.

Delivery within 5 working days by post.

Reception of the PDF within 24 working hours.

Our gift cards are valid for 1 year only in the chosen center. Beyond this period, an additional €10 will be required to benefit from the treatment. This supplement will only be applicable if the end of validity date has passed by less than 6 months.

Presentation of this gift card at the center reception is mandatory to benefit from the treatment.

“Tui Na Detox - 55min” gift card



How and when will I receive my gift card?

- If you select the "express delivery" option, you will receive the physical gift card in its envelope within 5 working days by post. A tracking number will be sent to you by email. lndc

- If you select the free "PDF" option, you will receive the gift card by email within 2 working hours to the address indicated when placing your order. This gift card must be printed and presented at the center reception to benefit from the treatment.

Are the gift cards personal?

Our gift cards are not nominative. We only list the name of the person who placed the order.

We only ask that the gift card be presented at the reception of the center to benefit from the treatment.

What are the contraindications for this treatment?

During a manual palpation rolling treatment or accompanied by a suction cup, the repetition of the movement and the suction create a flow of blood which rises to the surface, which can create bruising. This reaction is completely normal, in Chinese Medicine we call this the evacuation of “bad blood” (corresponding to toxins from the body). These bruises usually disappear within a few days.

Suction cups are not recommended for sensitive skin and for people suffering from skin problems or varicose veins.


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