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Zoom Slimming box

Slimming box


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- Pinch the suction cup (more or less strongly depending on the desired intensity) then press it on the skin and release to suck the skin.

Then, start the 3 recommended movements on the thighs (or on the areas you want to work):

- Straight lines, from bottom to top (from the knee to the buttock).
- The “zig zag” from the inside to the outside of the thigh (in the shape of an “S”).
- Finish with small circular movements.
Perform these movements for approximately 5 minutes per zone.

On the stomach, draw a square and fill the inside of it with vertical and horizontal movements (always from bottom to top).


The ancestral slimming oil La maison du Tui Na is a dual-action slimming remedy whose oil texture incorporates an exclusive combination of active ingredients which reduces cellulite, smoothes the skin and relieves bodily tension while releasing new energy.


The benefits of Slimming Oil, reinforced by the La maison du Tui Na suction cup. Lose up to 3.4 cm from your waistline in 8 weeks of application!

The slimming box contains 1 slimming oil and 1 Chinese suction cup.

Delivery within 5 working days by post.

The oil is composed of:

- a powerful slimming active ingredient composed of chili pepper and yellow mustard, which increases microcirculation and leads to the appearance of beige adipocytes, capable of burning fat and regulating body temperature

- extracts of Blue and White Lotus used in traditional Chinese medicine, and associated with magnesium PCA. They act simultaneously on cell regeneration and relaxation of the skin

- 2 natural oils: Camellia oil and Apricot oil.

Slimming box



Can it be used while pregnant?

The ancestral slimming oil cannot be used by pregnant women because it contains essential oils. Regarding the suction cup, it is impossible to use it on the stomach, for other parts of the body it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor.

Is it normal to have bruises after use?

It is completely normal to see bruises appear after using the slimming kit. These will be more or less marked depending on the person.


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