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Zoom Gua Sha in real Jade

Gua Sha in real Jade


La Maison du Tui Na offers you a Gua Sha made of real Jade “category A Jadeite type”. The stone has not undergone any treatment, whether chemical, resinous or colorimetric, and does not contain any artificial or synthetic substances.

All our tools are unique and hand-cut, and therefore have differences in both color and shape.


We recommend using it with our Damascus serum. Massage morning and/or evening by sliding the Gua Sha from the inside to the outside of the face.


The Gua Sha stone “The House of Tui Na” restores radiance to the skin.

Stone :

- Provides a natural healthy glow effect

- Reduces wrinkles by combating the loss of firmness of the face and neck

- Eliminates toxins and imperfections.

The Chinese attribute many virtues to the Jade stone, such as promoting meditation, calming the nerves, or even bringing luck and opportunities. This stone is also known to have the power to soothe physical manifestations of nervousness such as eczema, herpes or shingles for example.


The Gua Sha massage thus allows you to find brighter skin and also offers a firming and anti-aging effect, hence its use during the Jade Power Liftant massage which aims to firm, smooth and reoxygenate the skin.

Gua Sha reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes, brings tone to the skin and relaxes the facial muscles.

Delivery within 5 working days by post.

Gua Sha in real Jade



Can it be used on the body?

It is entirely possible to use your Gua Sha on the body, it will help you eliminate cellulite and make your skin smoother.

Is a certificate of authenticity provided?

A certificate of authenticity will be slipped into the box of your tool.


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