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Zoom Quartz roller
Zoom Quartz roller

Quartz roller


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We recommend using it with our Damascus serum.

- Massage morning and evening by rolling the pearls from the inside to the outside of the face.

- Use the large bead for easy-to-reach places and the smaller one for more delicate places like bags or dark circles under the eyes for example.


The quartz roller “The house of Tui Na”:

- Reduces dark circles and wrinkles

- Improves skin radiance

- Relaxes facial muscles.

Ideal for better absorption of products, it will allow you to massage your face and allow creams and serums to penetrate correctly.

The Quartz roller also helps activate circulation to detoxify the body and face and thus bring tone and radiance to the skin.


It limits the formation of wrinkles, and allows you to obtain a radiant complexion, in addition to reducing tension and stress.

Delivery within 5 working days by post.

Quartz roller



What is the difference between Gua Sha and roller?

The purpose of the roller is to decongest your face, reduce your dark circles, but also to help penetrate the products. While Gua Sha aims to sculpt the face.

How to clean it?

You can clean your roller with a little water and Marseille soap to remove excess product. It is necessary to wipe your tool after each use with a clean cloth.


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